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The excitement of ordering parts on Ebay

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That's what I get for being a cheapskate:



Arguably, the listing does not specify the orientation of the connector. But the picture on the listing, even though out of focus, still shows vertical connectors.



The seller didn't answer yet, so I still assume it was a genuine mix-up.

[Edit: It was a mix-up, the seller will send me replacements.]


What were your predictable sourcing mishaps?

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Worst I've had so far is I bought about 10 NFC tags off aliexpress that were mifare compatible but... my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won't read/write from them.  Unsupported.  Oh well, only cost me $2 plus free shipping from China (that still blows my mind...)


Mifare classic hasn't been compatible with most galaxy phones from the S4 generation and up. Mifare classic is basically broken out the box by NXP, and since they don't license out, all the phones with broadcom NFC radios can't access them.

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