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ESP32, a challenge to the CC3200?

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CNX has an article on the new ESP32, a step up from the popular ESP8266. This new guy will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 on board - almost an SoC. This looks more like a competitor to TI's WiLink devices.


No details on pricing yet. I do like TI's documentation and certified modules 



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Fwiw I found out recently looking at the footprint & datasheet, TI's certified modules don't actually include an antenna (for the CC3100MOD and presumably CC3200MOD).  You still have to provide the antenna and balun.  TI's wiki mentions it's still "certified" if you follow the antenna layout guidelines in the datasheet, but in any case it's not a "simple" solder & play part (though it's probably not hard to add the antenna piece to your board).


ESP32 substantially steps up the game.  WiLink-like dual protocol support but in an MCU, with double the SRAM of the CC3200, built-in Ethernet MAC and CAN.  The working temperature range seems larger too, that's closer to what TI bills for automotive grade parts IIRC...

Speaking of which, I wonder if this is an automotive play on Espressif's part?  CAN, Ethernet, WiFi, decent MCU, wide temperature range, touch sensor support... Hmm...

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This is what I know about the ESP32: 


At the moment there is a beta-board out to the developers.  This contains the ESP31, which is a preliminary version of the ESP32.  It does not implement a complete set of peripherals.  


The ESP32 is expected relatively soon (months?) and will include al the peripherals, including CAN.   This looks like a nice chip with many expanded features over the ESP8266, including more sockets.  There are plans for a compatible Arduino-IDE for it.  


There is a forum at http://www.esp32.com, but it is pretty quiet.  

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