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Bare Metal MSP430FR5969

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I have been working with the fr5969 and have migrated it over to a bare metal msp430fr5969 soldered onto a board. And have some questions.


1. I have loaded a sketch which uploaded ok but the program doesn't seam to start, am I missing something.

2. Low power modes , if I use RTC_B the program the power is aroun 400nA and the program is still running but if I use LPM3 and stop the watchdog timer power is 25uA and if the program starts it can us upto 23mA , can someone shed some light on this and is the RTC_B with Interrupt the rigth way to go for low power application.

3. Do all vcc/vss need connecting to the power supply to get the I/O to work.


Thanks for any help.

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I'd tackle point 3 first.


Sometimes you find that half the chip is not powered if you omit connecting a power pin - I read something of this nature in the datasheet or user's manual last week.


Get you code to run first without the complications of LP modes - once it works at full speed - then you can add the niceties.




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