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Uniflash Service Pack Programmin error

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I'm trying to update CC3200 Launchpad firmware as described in Energia web site (energia CC3200 guide)

Everything seems working correctly but I get the following error message:


[10:12:25] INFO: DEVICE CC3200 ES1.32
[10:12:25] INFO: reading version info
[10:12:26] INFO: reading version info

[10:12:28] ERROR: NWP file is missing from the bundle file. Operation cancelled.
[10:12:28] INFO: > Executing Operation: Disconnect
[10:12:28] Operation ServicePackProgramming returned.


I cannot find references to this kind of error on Energia web site, 43OH forums or TI forums.


Any suggestion?








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Yes. I used the format command before trying the update (I read that in same place so I was aware of this required operation).

My CC3200 board is one of the first: it's marked "rev. 3.2"

I would try the e2e forums for a better response, as it is their programmer. A TI engineer may be able to help.

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Thank you for your comments.


I've found the solution here.


CC3200 Launchpad board rev. 3.2 (my board) has a CC3200HZ chip on it that's not supported on every service pack:

So for boards rev 3.2 with CC3200HZ, the latest available service pack is version and it loads correctly with Uniflash tool.


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