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Rotary Encoder and the LP

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Fixed some misalignment and increased pad sizes to be comparable to the LP pads. TI_launchpad.zip

My code (above) do it.   For this I also use RC debouncing. It's work perfectly. A----[ 4k7 ]---------> (internal pullup in MSP430) | | = 10nF

That method looks pretty good too. Another method uses quadrature direction = new A ^ old B = ~(new B ^ old A).   I've used this method in the past. I would poll the encoder at some debounce int

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Here's a bit of an update.


  1. [*:n5s05ymc]Replaced the pads with the actual header part from the LaunchPad Eagle files
    [*:n5s05ymc]Added 50mm x 50mm outline (it's actually 1950x1950mil, a loss of about 0.6mm (0.02") on all sides, but lines up to the usual mil-based grid much better); in two variants covering the button or the FET area.
    [*:n5s05ymc]Added the USB mini connector to obstacles
    [*:n5s05ymc]Moved obstacles to Reference (tDocu is heavily used by other parts, so it's easier to turn them selectively off this way)


Edit: the current version can be found at viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1684#p11477

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