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I have been signed up here for sometime, yet haven't been active as a poster until now.  I am from east Tennessee and have a variety of interests, professional and hobbyist.


I am trying to get to know the MSP430G2553 in particular, and look forward to learning all I can from all of the experienced members here.  Thanks for all the wonderful posts, by the way.

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@dubnet: Thank you!


@spirilis:  I have worked a LITTLE with the Arduino Uno board, and with both the mbed LPC1768 and the Parallax Propeller.  25+ years ago I was schooled in the Z80 and 8501 and the like, but that was long ago.  My eyes are 51 now and my fingers act much older, so the DIP packages with the LaunchPad make it convenient to port something over to breadboard or perfboard (if I ever get that far).  From what I am guessing, the G2553 is the most powerful chip that I can use on the DIP-type LaunchPad.  I have the Getting Started book and will soon [ ;) ] have a ver.1 Educational BoosterPack to go with it, so that will make me a nice training setup whether or not I ever go into some actual standalone project.


I am looking foward to learning more about the MSP430 here from all of you folks!

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