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CC1310 radio library

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to know : as a Launchpad based on CC1310 is announced, do we have to expect a radio library ? If yes, is there any work already done ?


I'm asking because I plan to use it in several boards, so if nothing exists I will write something. So if my work could be useful for Energia team I prefer to follow the good logic and dont do the job twice ;)

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I'll pop in to mention I ordered a couple last Monday and they arrived this morning. (I hadn't heard anything that they were available yet- they've been on TI's store site for a couple weeks (priced at a juicy $9,999.99 to preclude pre-orders)- but I was there picking up some CC2531s and saw the price had gone down to a slightly more affordable $29, so I grabbed a couple).




I haven't DONE anything with them yet but the etched antenna is very cute.

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