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SensorTag Rev 1.3

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Hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice, I have been using the Sensor Tag Rev 1.2 this past few months and

recently have had an application were I have needed to edit the sensor tags firmware. I have been using CCS to reprogram the firmware

and this has been working successfully with Tags Rev 1.2. Just this week I have received additional Sensor Tags which are Rev 1.3, now when

I reprogrammed one of the Rev 1.3 Sensor Tags, the tag is unresponsive upon power up.

This Sensor Tag just lights the red led when powered up. I have reinstalled older versions of the firmware but still the sensor tag just lights red led.

I have another Rev 1.3 Sensor Tag but I don't want to create the same problem with this.  The Rev 1.3 Sensor Tags worked correctly with the initial

firmware that arrived on them. 


Any suggestions appreciated.



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