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Hello 430ers and 432ers!

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Hello All,


I've been visiting this site for a few days since embarking on using the MSP432 launch pad with the CC3100 booster pack. I'm really impressed with the energy and brain power of the folks here and hope to imbibe some of that smartness and in time help others that join here.


I currently also use various Arduino and Netduino boards and having spent some time looking at the C/C++ source code I have come to realize (sadly) that my C/C++ skills (if one could call it that) are atrophied terribly.


My interests lie in developing a bunch of "projects" using various MCUs and to eventually start working on some IoT products. I have a background in electronics and feel comfortable there (at least to the extent of the kinds of things I'd like to build). Most times, I struggle with wondering why I need to use an MCU (besides internet connectivity, configuration, parameterize) as most of what I do and would like to do is also easily done with just electronics. But I've been a software developer for many years with most recent experience in C#/.NET, so I can see where I can/should use an MCU as well.


The MSP432 is really interesting because of the multi-tasking and RTOS. But I figure it will be a while before I really get into these areas. Energia of course makes these launch pads accessible to a lot of folks like me (whose C/C++ has corroded over the years). So I look forward to interacting with folks here.

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