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analogWrite and PWMWrite does not work on TivaC TM4C123

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I am using the latest energia release 0101E0017 and suddenly analogWrite and PWMWrite does not work on my TivaC Board, with TM4C123

#define EN_A PF_0
#define EN_B PF_1

#define IN1 PE_0
#define IN2 PE_1
#define IN3 PE_3
#define IN4 PE_2

#include <wiring_analog.c>

void setup() {
  pinMode(EN_A, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(EN_B, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN4, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(IN1, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN2, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(IN3, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN4, HIGH);   

void loop()
  PWMWrite(EN_B, 256, 16, 1000);

I tried few different ports as well. When the PWMWrite or analogWrite statement is run, the pin will just go high. I have tested with a scope that PWM signal is not generated.


Now the interesting thing - I fired the following code on the same setup, this time using Servo.h - connected to RED_LED and It works.

#include <Servo.h> 
Servo myservo;  

void setup() 
void loop() 

What do I need to do in order to get PWM working with this TivaC board?


Best regards,


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