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Energia ported to CCS

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I am using tm4c123gh6pm.


I'm having a hard time trying to port a library that uses grlib from tivaware. The library is for kentec K350QVG 3,5 inch lcd/touch screen.


I imported a energia sketch in CCS and it works fine. I managed to convert my library, in a new project, from TI compiler to GNU (GCC linaro) to make it compatible with the imported project from energia.


To make my Kentec library works, I did somes changes in the startup_ccs_gcc.c. Unfortunately, there is no such file in the imported project from energia and a simple copy/paste of the startup file didn't work out.


the energia sketch deals with SD break_out_board and VC0706 camera, so i would prefer not having to port this.


Any suggestions on where the equivalent of startup_ccs_gcc.c is in a imported energia project ?


Or any other ideas how to deal with this issue ?


Thanks a lot



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