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Halloween Projects with the Launchpad?

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Last year I just made a couple of quick strobes with 555s and some bright white LEDs. Not sure what I'll do this year, but I do have some even brighter blue LEDs to replace some of the white ones.

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I had an idea that I might use for Halloween:


Hide a device in the bushes near a walkway that uses a PIR sensor (still trying to find thos RS ones...). When triggered, run a cell phone vibrating motor attached to the bush to shake it slightly (at this point, assume someone looks that way). After a second or two, slowly (~2-3 sec) brighten two red LED "eyes" to look spooky. Then (optional), do a second or two of bright white LEDs in a strobe to really make them jump back. Bonus: Add some screechy sound with the strobe.



  • MSP430
    PIR sensor (or sub some other sensor)
    2 red LED (5-10mm)
    vibrating motor
    transistor to switch motor
    batteries (I'm planning a 9v with V-reg)
    resistors for LEDs
    3 bright white LED (optional)
    speaker (optional)


I think most of us have most of these parts handy, right? I'm going to try to make one or two of these before Halloween. :twisted:

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