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Got a Debugger DevPack rev. 1.3.0, still have IMU problems with FW 1.2

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I managed to get a SensorTag2 Debugger Devpack rev. 1.3.0 and use CCS Cloud to flash the sample stack and application v. 1.2 to my CC2650STK.  Using the Android app (still no update since Summer, 2015), I still have the problem with the accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer freezing after about 10 readings.  Should this FW and Android app combination be expected to work?  


By the way, the ambient temperature went up almost 10C above ambient while connected to the debugger.  No melted plastic, though, fortunately.  


I checked the voltage at the BAT+ BAT- pads and saw 2.983V.  

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