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Adding board support for FR5969 based board with Spy Bi-Wire IF

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Hi, I have a board with a FR5969 that I would like to port Energia onto.


Where is the best place to start, is there a guide? I am guessing it should be relative straightforward as I can base it on the TI FR5969 board.


Spy Bi-Wire is the only debug available is this an Issue? Guessing not as I use the FR5969 to program our board, as well as using the UART for debug.


Board carries GPS and Quad band GPRS, power management & few other bits and pieces.

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specifically what I do regarding IO mapping as they are different from the standard Launchpad.

Having a look around I guess I need to create my own variant.


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Tried building from scratch tonight, had some issues with the build.xml, ended up commenting out the following at line 183


<!--     <move todir="${target.path}/hardware/cc3200emt/libraries/WiFi">

      <fileset dir="${target.path}/hardware/emt/ti/runtime/wiring/cc3200/libraries/WiFi">
to get the build to complete.
  • Took a copy of variants/launchpad_fr5969 to variants/myBoard_fr5959.
  • Added new board to variants/boards.txt
  • remapped the LED + a few other pins that are fixed.
  • rebuilt
  • Blink ran on my remapped LED
  • Awesome!

I still need to complete the pins_energia.h + I seem to have lost of the board selections in the GUI, but I think thats a good start.

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