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Energia + TM4C1294 + Multitasking

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HI !


This my first post. Excuse me if I do something wrong and by my poor english...


In Energia Multitasking Guide page (http://energia.nu/guide/multitasking/) I found this information:


"Currently, Multitasking is supported on the MSP432 launchpad."


Unfortunately in page don't have nothing that defines "Currently".


Then I ask to my colleagues if currently Energia multitasking does not support TM4C1294.





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Hello @@iaeng and welcome to the 43oh forum


Currently multitasking is available on those microcontrollers in the Tools --> Board pull down menu of the Energia IDE with EMT after the name of the board.  They are the MSP432, CC3200, and CC2650.  Perhaps @@energia or others involved in development can comment on plans for the Tiva series.

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