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LDMIA & Interrupts Silicon Bug

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Dear TI geeks,


Ulrich Hoffman found a bug while using multitasking in Mecrisp-Stellaris on TM4C1294, which, after a long search, could be tracked down and turned out to be a silicon bug. I wish to share this with you, just in case you run into similiar trouble.





  LDMIA and some other opcodes with a register list can be interrupted and
  continued afterwards in M3 and M4 cores.

  Unfortunately, there seems to be a silicon bug in some chips / core revisions
  that causes an interrupted LDMIA opcode to fail.

  The error has already been observed in LM4F120, TM4C1294, STM32F407
  when using the multitasking example. M0 chips and EFM32GG990 are fine.

  It could affect other M4 chips and maybe M3, too.

  So if you get mysterious crashes when using Interrupts on M3/M4,
  try disabling preemption capabilities with this workaround:

  1 $E000E008 !

  Drawback is that this increases interrupt latency.

  Manual snipplets:

  B1.5.10 Exceptions in LDM and STM operations

       In order to allow implementations to have the best possible interrupt response, an interrupt can be taken
       during an LDM or STM and continued after the return from the interrupt. The continuation state of the LDM or
       STM is held in the ICI bits in the EPSR (see The special-purpose program status registers (xPSR) on
       page B1-8). It is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED when interrupts are recognized, so the use of the ICI bits is
       The ARMv7-M architecture supports continuation of, or restarting from the beginning, an abandoned LDM
       or STM instruction as outlined below. Where an LDM or STM is abandoned and restarted (ICI bits are not
       supported), the instructions should not be used with volatile memory. To support instruction replay, the LDM,
       STM, PUSH and POP instructions are required to restore/maintain the base register when a fault occurs (no base
       register writeback update) during execution.

  M3: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.dui0552a/CHDCBHEE.html
  M4: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.dui0553a/CHDCBHEE.html
  Address     Name   Type  Required privilege  Reset value  Description
  0xE000E008  ACTLR  RW    Privileged          0x00000000   Auxiliary Control Register

  Auxiliary Control Register

  [0]    DISMCYCINT     Disables interruption of multi-cycle instructions.
         This increases the interrupt latency of the processor because load/store and
         multiply/divide operations complete before interrupt stacking occurs.

  M7: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.dui0646b/CHDCBHEE.html
  Does not have this bit.


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