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dynamic void* pointer issue in queue script.

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Hi guys,


After a long day of trying, I think it's time to get some help.

Trying to make a dynamic queue with void* argument(s).

Maybe the memory allocation isn't suffcient?

Or the way the Item is retrieved from the Queu is not correct?

I can't see it anymore today :huh:


PS using CCStudio 6




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Maybe the memory allocation isn't suffcient?

I took a look at your code @Lode, I think when you're copying QueueItems into your Queue, you should be copying the sizeof a QueueItem, not the sizeof QueueItem*

memcpy(&q->items[q->count], i, sizeof(struct QueueItem));

Before your code was just copying 1 words from the QueueItem into the Queue. Because that's the sizeof a QueueItem pointer.


This change worked for me on my G2335 Launchpad.

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