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i am new to this depth of electrical application, i do know electrical fundamentals. i got a MSP430 and im trying to apply the "blink" example program to my breadboard with only the 430g2553 chip, not the launchpad, but i can not got the life of me get it to work. i have good 3VDC in to pin 1 and good ground going into pin11. i have a 47k ohm resistor coming out of pin 15 going to ground with a reset switch in between going straight to ground. and even with all that, i cannot get this 430g2553 chip to work on my breadboard. please help.

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First of all, welcome to the forum.


You didn't mention if you had a capacitor tied to the reset line. Please do a forum search using search terms capacitor and reset. This will give you the suggested value and the circuit configuration.

Thank you for the welcome and the advice.

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Thank you, this worked. Nothing i read seemed to say this was required.

Yep that's one of those "basic electronics" things I guess a lot of tutorials might forget... decoupling capacitors.  0.1uF is typically a good value for small low-power MCUs running under 16MHz or so.  I believe the value (and quantity) changes from chip to chip... an 80MHz MCU might have a different set of ideal values and might require a large one in parallel (e.g. 4.7uF) if it's capable of drawing a lot of power.

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