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MSP432 Launch Pad 'A2' was not declared in this scope

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I don't remember this showing up before.  Perhaps it is because that pin is outside the normal 40 pin booster pack pinout.


pins_energia.h has A2 commented out as follows:

static const uint8_t A0 = 30;
static const uint8_t A1 = 29;
//static const uint8_t A2 = n/a;
static const uint8_t A3 = 12;

Looking at the schematics (1 of 7) in the MSP432P401R LaunchPad User's Guide (SLAU597A) it seems to differ from the other pins:



I don't know why.  Maybe someone can tell us.  If it isn't usable, it should probably be taken off of  the Energia pin map to avoid confusion.


EDIT: BTW, you can get it to compile by substituting the pin number on the pin map (61) for A2.  I did this and tried to get an analog read from the pin with 3.3V applied.  I didn't get anything so for whatever reason it doesn't seem usable.

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