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Wire library missing setClock or setSpeed?

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I am failing to compile some legacy Arduino projects that call Wire.setClock() (or Wire.setSpeed()).


Are these unsupported in the Energia IDE library implementations?


I looked but didn't find them in $\hardware\cc3200\libraries\Wire\Wire.c or Wire.h.


How else to set 400kHz I2C operation (vs default 100 kHz)?




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A review of Arduino Wire lib shows the public declaration:

    void setClock(uint32_t);


and something rather hardware-specific in the implementation, e.g.,

   void TwoWire::setClock(uint32_t frequency) {

     TWBR = ((F_CPU / frequency) - 16) / 2;           // <-- specific to AVR



I'm new to the RBL CC3200 device I'm attempting to bring-up.  If anyone has modified the I2C bus speed on this device, I'll be happy to get your input.  My need is for a write-once setting at system initialization, nothing dynamic.

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