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Hello from Weerdinge, the Netherlands

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Hello list, I am planning to build the Android DRO from Yuriystoys.com.

It uses a MSP430, the problem is I don't know how to upload a so called "Hexfile"

The upload method discribed on Yuriy's site does not work on my LaunchPad, is here someone who can help me?




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Hi, and welcome,



There's a company called Elpotronic with a lite / free version of their up / down loader.

Since you've used Energia, you are likely using a Launchpad, so Elpotronic should work.


BUT - I've never used hexfiles before, so, Im afraid I won't be able to help you in those details.





FET-Pro-430 Software Pkg. - LITE Installation package for FET-Pro-430, includes GUI, and supporting material. Lite Version. Version 3.40 (27.Nov.2015)



Hope this helps !!!

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Hello Fmilburn, thank for your answer but I tryed that at first!

This is what the progam Yuriy advised produced:


I am also trying to flash the software into the MSP430 using the following command:
MSP430Flasher.exe -n Unknown -w "DigitalReadout_Universal_V0.4.hex" -v -g -z [VCC]

this is the response:

C:\ti\MSP430Flasher_1.3.7>MSP430Flasher.exe -n Unknown -w "DigitalReadout_Universal_V0.3.hex" -v -g -z [VCC]
* -----/|-------------------------------------------------------------------- *
* / |__ *
* /_ / MSP430 Flasher v1.3.7 *
* | / *
* -----|/-------------------------------------------------------------------- *
* Evaluating triggers...done
* Checking for available FET debuggers:
* Found USB FET @ HID0025:COM3 <- Selected
* Initializing interface @ HID0025:COM3...done
* Checking firmware compatibility:
* FET firmware is up to date.
* Reading FW version...
* Debugger does not support target voltages other than 3000 mV!
* Setting VCC to 3000 mV...done
* Accessing device...done
* Reading device information...
* Warning: Found device does not match -n selection:
- Selected: UNKNOWN
- Found: MSP430G2xx2
- Omit -n switch to suppress this user prompt.
- Continue? (Y/N): y
* Loading file into device...
# Exit: 59
# ERROR: File data error
* Starting target code execution...done
* Disconnecting from device...done
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Driver : closed (No error)
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Would you please explane me what I am doing wrong?



It look likes the program does not recognise the MSP430 while programming with Energia works fine.

So if somebody knows a way to send hex files with Energia I would be very happy!



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OK, this is a quote from his blog:


"To save yourself a lot of frustration later, please verify that you got the right version of the Launchpad with the correct chip installed. At the time of this writing Launchpads purchased directly from TI's store use PCB version 1.5 and ship with MSP430G2553 microcontroller."


The error message you posted states you are using a MSP430G2xx2.


Have you tried it with the G2553?


EDIT: I just noticed you double posted this and got an answer elsewhere.

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