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Well, it seems that the "SimpleLink Starter" Android app is finally available. It's still quite SensorTag focused, but does support the CC2650 Launchpad. It also references the as yet unavailable WiFi SensorTag.


I've still not done much with the LaunchPad. When Google open-sourced their Thread protocol I thought it might be possible to link a launchpad up to a Nest mesh network, but that doesn't look likely any time soon according to TI employees over on e2e. Even the documentation and support on 6LoWPAN seems lacking for the CC2650 right now.

Yeah my understanding was OpenThread was targeting sub-GHz anyhow (CC26xx is 2.4GHz IIRC)


CC1310 will probably be the platform for OpenThread. I have two of the CC1310 LP's, even they feel a little "green" on the examples and code so far. Seems like an awesome chip so far though. Tiva-like peripherals and all.

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CC2650 is 2.4GHz. I would assume that OpenThread is independent of the underlying frequency. Not sure why I thought the Nest implementation was using 2.4GHz - probably either a poorly researched article on it or just my assumption.


I understand exactly what you mean about it seeming "green". This is the best I've found - a blog by a TI employee but not the easiest to follow. I'm sure he'll do some CC1310 stuff too.


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The links below showed up in an email I received from edX .  They lead to a preview from TI for a CC2650 Module BoosterPack that is supposed to be released in time for a course in September.  Of interest, it includes an "Additional CC2650 Module Sample" along with the BoosterPack.


http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-cc2650ma'>TI SimpleLink


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