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MSP432 on Energia17 - (1) compile errors (2) Application UARTs

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......    and the screenshot of the Blink example upload to the 432LP from E17 with 'verbose' enabled 'during upload' checked in file > properties.



I guess the white test at the bottom of the Energia window is what you were looking for from 'verbose mode'.





(does it make sense that the bottom right corner of the E17 window says the 432LP is connected on Com2 ?   the UARTs in my PC enumerated to 37 and 38.   Just a thought)


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So it seems that DSLite might have some issues with Vista. Can you please try one more thing for me? Run DSLite without any arguments.

At any rate, I'll report it to the DSLite team over @ TI. Not sure if they are willing to look at a Vista issue though.



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Apologies for going quiet for a few days.    This is coming back to the problem of uploading E17 sketches to an MSP432 LP.




>>>>   Here's something that makes me question if this problem is purely Vista related.  Could we keep this issue active based on the following ?   .....





While using the 432LP on CCS6.1, something obvious occurred to me --- that I'm able to load code into the 432 LP each and every time.    And I recalled somewhere that TI would be going towards DSLite in future.      So, perhaps CCS6.1 is indeed using DSLite.exe routinely, and it can upload into the 432 LP.


And, I confirmed that DSLite exists in the CCS6.1 folders

And another version is located in the E17 folders.



1---  DSLite.exe in CCS6


PATH                    C:\ti\msp430\MSPWare_2_20_00_19\examples\boards\MSP-EXP432P401R\MSP-EXP432P401R_Software_Examples\Firmware\Binary\DSLite\DebugServer\bin


Properties:  size 710,656.      Version (?)   3june or 15may2015



2--- DSLite.exe in Energia17


path ---  you know....


Properties:  size 107,520.      Version (?)   7jan 16 or 15nov2015     (under the product name Code Composer Studio)



So, here is the naive question:    Could it be that the 'old, big version' of DSLite.exe in CCS6.1 is correctly loading MSP432 LaunchPad flash memory?     Whereas, not in the E17 ?








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As far as I know CCS Desktop uses the full debug server and not DSLite. I will pin the CCS team to verify. Did you get a chance to try CCS Cloud at http://dev.ti.com? 

CCS Cloud for sure uses the same DSLite as we released in Energia. The only difference is that CCS Cloud uses DSLite's socket interface whereas Energia uses the commandline interface.

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Hello @@energia       


Thanks for your patience; I had to get up to speed on :

   -- CCS cloud      -- Energia projects in desktop CCS       -- a few other things


I've tried several things and here are the results, as far as I can see.



PROBLEM RECAP      Up till 25 Jan 2016


I am not able to load E17 sketches into the 432LP.   I get a 'DSLite.exe error message' when I attempt a load to LP.

On the other hand, I can get full load / debug control of my 432LP from the CCSv6.1.1 desktop with straight C programs.



GOOD NEWS !   SUMMARY to Friday 29 Jan 2016 


I am indeed able to compile and download the 'blink.ino' sketch into the 432LP, but only when working as follows:


- using CCSv6 desktop

- creating a new Energia project in CCS6:  copy / paste 'blink.ino'

- CCS build (hammer icon) / debug (bug icon)         

     And this downloaded 'blink' into the 432LP.


NOTES:  - I got compile errors during CCS build of 'blink'.

            No line numbers were indicated (red spot on right)

        - ignoring the CCS build compile errors, I launched a debug session.

            My 432LP red LED now blinks.

              >>>  I find this quite surprising   <<<









1 --  ran CCS cloud

  --  selected 432LP, loaded 'blink', ran it

  --  loaded / ran 'ticloudagent__2__xds110_drivers.exe' as requested by CCS cloud

            (I am not convinced this loaded properly)

  --  again, ran 'blink' in CCS cloud / Energia,    appeared to compile OK,     waited forever to download,    no 'crash' messages.


 RESULT : not working.   My PC hung on what I think was the download.



2 -- basically repeated step 1 in different flavours.

 RESULT : as above.





3 --    GOOD NEWS     -  Loaded Energia sketch into 432LP while running under CCSv6


  -- I figured this was a good idea since CCS desktop loads into the 432LP every time, using its DS server version.

       (in spite of a DSLite.exe file in CCS directories (as I reported), I cannot confirm what module is loading the LP)

  -- I created a new CCSv6 desktop project, Energia type.

  -- copy / paste the 'blink' sketch

  -- CCS 'build' (hammer icon)  ->   this got some error reports in the console window, but no 'red dots' in the text.

  -- CCS 'debug' the sketch, the download reported OK in CCS console,  hitting 'resume' (|>) got the RED LED blinking.    See Addenda 1, below.







- try a few more, but more complicated, Energia sketches under CCSv6 

- try the CCS debug features on an Energia sketch under CCSv6







1 -- My personal workaround for this problem is to use CCSv6 desktop for Energia projects.

      In addition to using CCSv6 for my straight-C projects.


2 -- I still think there is something, likely pretty simple, lurking in DSLite.exe while running E17 standalone.    I see some concerns on e2e and this forum on loading 432LPs.


3 -- I hope that the CCSv6 destop version maintains its 432LP and other Launchpad loaders intact as it works for me!





Well, that's it for now, and I hope this helps.


Have a good weekend !

















Here's the CCS6 console output related to the loading of 'blink' into 432LP:


CORTEX_M4_0: GEL Output: Memory Map Initialization Complete

CORTEX_M4_0: GEL Output: Halting Watchdog Timer

CORTEX_M4_0: Flash Programmer: Erasing main memory

CORTEX_M4_0: Flash Programmer: Writing 26116 bytes to flash memory 0x00000000 

CORTEX_M4_0: Flash Programmer: Writing 2884 bytes to flash memory 0x00006604 

CORTEX_M4_0: Flash Programmer: Writing 8 bytes to flash memory 0x00007148 


I am amazed why 26116 bytes was loaded to flash at location zero.   (BTW - 26116 dec = 0x6604 hex)

I guess that the 2884 bytes loaded at 0x6604 is the 'blink'?        (BTW - right after the previous 26KB)




2-- my version of ticloudagent__2__xds110_drivers.exe


 ....     ver 0.5      size 12,886,056 bbytes

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@@veryalive, fist let me answer the size question. MSP432's wiring framework is implemented on top of TI-RTOS and is called Energia Multi Tasking (EMT). This gives you access to RTOS based functionality. See the example Sketches "10.MultiTasking" in Energia. Each tab containing a setup/loop pair is automatically turned into a TI-RTOS task. This allows you to very easily break a project up into smaller pieces each being a task. Another advantage is that low power is as good as effortless. If all Sketches (tasks) are idle, e.g. they are in delay() waiting for a SPI transaction to complete, etc, the system automatically goes into the idle loop and enters the lowest power state possible at that moment.


DSLite upload fails: I got with the CCS Cloud team who maintains DSLite. Good thing is that if you run CCS Cloud, it does generate dump files that can be analyzed. Would be great if you could help me to provide those dump files so that we can have a look at them:


1: in a file explorer window address bar type: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Texas Instruments

2: In the search bar type *.dmp

3: Attach the *dmp files to this thread.


Thanks again for all the patience! 

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@@energia. Thanks for your reply.


1.... Download size. Thanks for confirming ti.rtos as the base for 432 e17 sketches, with the task loaded afterwards. I sort of figured this out, and have visited Rei Vilo's pages. . . I'm more used to traditional rtos environments (create, semophore, wait, etc, etc), so I've not yet thrown myself at the 432mt.

But would have to understand how to do that 'multi-tab' in CCS, as that's my only way to load a LP with E17 code for now.


2.... I'll try that cloud procedure you mentioned in your previous post, but it'll take some days before I get to it.



BTW. Gosh, stellaris on e17 compiles and loads fast!



Thanks, cheers,

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