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Want to learn how to use an Oscilloscope? What if a Msp430 Launchpad was involved!

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Stumbled upon this. Tektronix, a producer of various engineering test equipment, including Oscilloscopes, happens to have a free to use/download set of courses for learning how to use an Oscilloscope.


The more important part is that it uses a standard MSP430 launchpad + Energia to do it.





MSP430 is a popular Embedded Hardware platform from Texas Instruments (TI) for rapid prototyping of low -cost, low-power embedded system designs. MSP430 Luanchpad board can be used for conducting these experiments as Device Under Test (DUT). MSP430 code (that runs on Energia IDE), required for programming of the board to generate signals, is also provided along with the lab package.

Learn digital oscillsocope fundamentals and how to use it for signal analysis using 22 lab experiments. These 22 Lab Experiments are organized under 6 courses - each course focusing on specific features of oscilloscope:

Amplitude Measurement
Timing Measurement
Advanced Measurement
Waveform Math
Cursor Measurement



The search shows about 20 of the courses:



It's a marketing tool, but it's generic enough for any scope. They also have *shudders* arduino versions as well.

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