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Random side note, I notice they no longer call it the "EStore", just "Store".  estore.ti.com redirects to store.ti.com


edit: Probably just chasing their former colleague's joneses .... see store.digilentinc.com ;-) @@LariSan

Thanks @@spirilis, I'll start calling it store going forward.

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I was doing a bit of digging on the MSP432 as it's been out a while now. Apparently it should be out of XMS (i.e. beta) status some time in Q2 2016. Not seen anything about any more MSP432 devices on the pipeline.

They're intentionally secretive I guess.  That's always been the case...

Next step should have some kind of USB I would imagine.

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@@bluehash. Thanks for the heads up on this deal. Picked up a bunch since the cost makes them plausible for both embedding in projects and for gifting to young, future MCU enthusiasts.

Your welcome. Thanks to @@yosh for telling me to post it here. This deal was on the blog since Jan 1st, 2016.

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