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Hi there,


I've been looking all over for information on how to use ti_RTOS on energia but without success.  there are 'example' program(stubs) but I don't seem to have all the header files needed.


I am on the latest Energia (17) running on OSX and using a FR5969 launchpad.


From what I've found, the Energia MT only works with the 432 devices but I was hoping I could still use TI-RTOS.


Thanks in advance



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Energia MT isn't available for MSP430F5529, only MSP432, CC3200 and CC2650.

To start with RTOS, go to the links listed at the bottom of the pages LaunchPad MSP432: RTOS for Everyone and  Exploring RTOS with Galaxia on Energia MT.
Try the different examples included in Energia under File > Examples > 10.Multitasking and those supplied with the Galaxia library.
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