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Porting Energia to MSP430G2755, 2855 and 2955?

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Does anyone have an inkling how tough this might be?  I have a design coded in Energia that has a light-weight multi-tasking kernel of sorts for controlling some motors (and doing other stuff, but the real-time aspects of the design are primarily there for the sake of accurate motor control with minimal logic).


At any rate, I am really on the hairy edge for stack space in the g2553, and the interrupt based design makes that situation all the riskier, so these newer chips with their ample amount of RAM really caught my eye.


I will probably dive into the task of porting soon enough.  I presume there are some guides that may help with integrating new hardware into the Energia ecosystem? I will look for such with all due diligence, but if anyone wants to spare me the effort, I won't complain ;).

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