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How many channels of analog to digital conversion can the MSP430G2553 handle?

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I have another project where I have 4 analog signals that I need to convert to 4 digital signals.  The update period on the hardware is about 1ms. 


I was thinking about using the 12bit A-D, since there is a A and B timer I thought I would be able to run two continuous signal sets through it.   I would have to run two chips to get the job done.  I am not crunched for space so if I have to run individual ones it is not the end of the world. 


This is for the torque meters from my analog servo drives to the LinuxCNC interface for my CNC mill control retrofit. 


Thanks guys!



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The MSP430G2553 does not have a 12 bit ADC, it's just 10bit.

If you check this pinout you can see how many ADC channels the MSP430G2553 has and it appears to have 8.

Of course that-s 8 channels but just 1 ADC - you can only sample 1 at a time. Meaning 4 signals take 4x longer than just 1 - you would need a sample speed of 1 every 0.25ms to get the 4 signals every 1ms. That's 4Ksps
The max sample rate is about 200Ksps, at least it seems so. So your required sample rate should be easily attainable 

I don't quite get what you are referring with the timers.


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