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Code examples for timer A up count mode, with output mode 6 then 7?

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I have been looking for some code snippets of the timer A up count mode


Setting TA0CCR0 = 512 for 1 sec with the crystal hooked up and /8



Input low to start timer start timer in mode 6 toggle/set


count ++ to get two seconds


toggle output when condition reached


output to start timer again in mode 7 reset/set  (or use another timer if I have to)


count CCRO 60 times for 60 seconds


reset output


Or I think I might be able to use


output mode 2 toggle/reset,


count 2 periods


output high


count 60 periods


reset output



I can not seem to find the code to set the timer modes to try this.  I have dug through slap113 (timers in depth)  and slau144j  which helped me get to this line of thinking, but I can not find code snippets on the modes to get going on it.








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