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Code not run when use external power

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Hi everyone,

I am using MSP430G2 Launchpad to make strip LED effect, I used CCS to debug and flash to MCU, I have been facing with a strange problem, When I debug (press on resume button) my program work well, but I supply a external source, nothing happen. I have carefully measured voltage of external on board, it was fine. So my conclude is:

1. when I debug (USB power): program work.

2. when I plug out and plug in USB port of MSPG2, program did not work.

3. when I use external power: did not work.

4. I wonder about the program did not store on flash of MCU.

Please help to explain.

Thank in advance!

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Make sure RST is pulled up. On Launchpad it is being driven by the USB FET but depending on where you apply external power and your jumper config, the FET part if the LP might not be powered on.



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