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MSPhere documentation updated-20100925

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I made a quick list of all the functions. I was going to put it on the wiki and have the functions follow to the description on the link kinda like what arduino does but i could not figure out how to edit the wiki.




void pinMode(char pin, char mode)

void pinFunction(char pin, char mode)

char digitalRead(char pin)

void digitalWrite(char pin, char data)

void digitalToggle(char pin)

void resistorMode(char pin, char mode)





void init()

void setup()

void loop()

void main()

void mapPin(char *pin, char *port)

inline void wdtHold()




int min(int val1, int val2)

int max(int val1, int val2)

int abs(int val)

int constrain(int val, int low, int high)

long map(long x, long in_min, long in_max, long out_min, long out_max)




inline void enableMaskableInterrupts()

void gpioInterruptMode(char pin, char mode)

char gpioFlagCheck(char pin)

void gpioFlagClear(char pin)

inline char gpioFlagCheckAndClear(char pin)




void shiftOut(char dataPin, char clockPin, char bitOrder, char value)




void tlv5620_updateMode(unsigned char mode, char ldacPin)

void tlv5620_simultaneousUpdate(char ldacPin)

void tlv5620_sendData(unsigned char dacSel, unsigned char gainSel, unsigned char value, char clockPin, char dataPin, char loadPin)

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Also, i was wondering if you would consider putting MSphere in a repository like google code. That way people that have code snippets that are neat can add it in there. though you might need to implement a coding standard i guess.


either way, i think some people might check in their bits and pieces of code an eventually it would grow. I tried to get arduino users to try the launch pad but they found the switch to be too difficult. I think if we got the community involved and had a nice library, the launch pad might gain some popularity. just a tought

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Nice work on the list! I'll add it somewhere.


As for a standard check-in type place, I'm working on that. But at the moment, I'm tied up with a bunch of other things. I intended to have another release of the lib by now, and then to work on making a public repo somewhere, but sadly that has not happened. Once I find some time, I'll finish up the next release, and then I'll research some possibilities for a public repo. Until then, though, I'm gladly accepting submissions via e-mail. If you've got something useful, send it along to suschord -at- suspended-chord -dot- info.



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