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Can I run 2 Timer captures at the same time?

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For my light to frequency project(using the TSL230R with the G2231), i'm ultimately going to want use 2 TSL230R'S to get light data from 2 points at the same, or VERY nearly the same time in addition to a data from a sound sensor(just loudness)...so a total of 3 readings. Can any chip do in the value line series do this? I'm all for using the appropriate microcontroller for a given job. Would the Propeller be better suited for this(has 8 cogs)?


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you can take 2 readings at the same time, using both capture compare registers.


Would the Propeller be better suited for this(has 8 cogs)?

I think propeller would be over kill, you should be able to perform the same task on this uC, and if you think your running out of room, you can always upgrade to the G2453 or other 20 pin chip.



BTW i may be able to help with the code, i have a few of those same chips collecting dust in a box lol

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Okay...Im back on to this msp430 stuff after being busy the last month or so. I took your advice and ordered some 20 pin chips(free samples) in case I need the extra capture compare registers. I'm just having trouble figuring out how to handle getting two captures at same time from two light chips. Would they each have their own ISR? What needs to be implemented so they don't conflict with each other. I've looked for code that might be similar but no luck.

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