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Using HW (not SW) I2C

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For the non-iso char in the hardware.cpp file i am responsible but I am also not sure how this characters went in but i am sure that this is related to windows.

(for the other files i do not know)

I was quite sure that this was already fixed because it was already highlighted a while ago but looks like it got lost.


I also did the update for the I2C library and understand that this did break some older codes but forward looking in made the platform for being compatible across all platforms. Therefore i tried to get the option in to select the interface to make an easy switch back to the old pins.

Looks i have missed some cases - even if i tested this on all launchpads which was a long and boring work !!!

(As already mentioned by Robert this is an open source project and my contribution into this project is done in my private time)


Still trying to understand why i have not see the issue with the multi byte and the G2553 register swap not during the testing but thanks a lot for identifying and pushing the fix.


There is just on point i would like to clarify - this did not happen on a hidden server:

See issue #651 and pull request #686 where this changes has been pushed to git and merge into the master quite a while ago.

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It would be nice if development actually took place on github so that people would be able to try out the next release to warn the core team when there are problems with the upcoming release. However,

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@@Rickta59, I just checked both my 64 and 32 bit Linux machines and both of the were at f3c5a03 when I build the release. The commit id f3c5a03 is the same as the 0101E0017-emt-a61 tag and my working directory is clean so I have no explanation for the differences. I will do some more digging to try and figure out what is going on.


For now, please use master for the enhancements you would like to contribute.


Thanks again for the contributions to Energia!



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