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Energia 17 is available!

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Maybe this could help:




Aside from bug fixes and new library integrations this release adds support for the CC2650 based SensorTag and the RedBearLab CC3200 based WiFi Micro. There is no Radio support yet for the CC2650 but we hope to follow up with an add on library to add support for BLE. There are now 6 boards that support Energia MT. Energia MT (EMT) is powered by TI-RTOS letting you run multiple Sketches as tasks. Yes, as tasks! How awesome is that?! Find out more about multitasking @ Energia MT. You can also utilize Energia inside of CCS Cloud and Code Composer Studio IDE for browser based access or professional debugging tools. Check out dev.ti.com to try out Energia in the cloud!


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I can only find reference to MT support for the MSP432 on Energia.nu, what are the 5 other boards? OK, I found some references here on 43oh to CC3200 and CC2650. Are there any plans for the Tiva based boards?

It was on a previous front page version. The list of EMT-supported boards is provided by the Tools > Boards menu.



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