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43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2015

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Mine came in, but unsure who my Santa was because Amazon conveniently lost the shipping receipt! :-) My photo didn't look nice so here is a better one: 


Very fun game! It's a word-association party game. Anomia is the word for when you cannot think of the word for something, and that basically is how the game goes. We played with some friends we had in town this weekend and had a blast. Thank you Santa! :-D 



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Dear Katie!


Thank you very much for my Secret Santa gift! I'm very pleased about it - you definitely made a very good choice! I received the LaunchPad book from Dung and Adrian and some cool Texas cookie cutters.


I hope you had a great christmas and of course a happy new year!



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@@AkshayaJain hope you like it, had to make some guesses based on your elfster wish list :)


Getting back in the office after a long break, I also received my SS gift today. 

Haven't played this game before, but very interesting from what I've read. Can't wait to try it out!
Thank you Secret Santa!



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