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MSP430G2553IN20 alternatives

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MSP430G2553IN20 chips are now in short supply and they are getting pricey.


I want to order large batch of lower end versions of 2553, but I am looking for one or more people to partner with (to meet MOQ.)


Here are some options:


MSP430G2513IN20 - $1.35 16K Flash, 512 RAM, no ADC

MSP430G2413IN20 - $1.21   8K Flash, 512 RAM, no ADC

MSP430G2353IN20 - $1.08   4K Flash, 256 RAM

MSP430G2213IN20 - $1.04   2K Flash, 256 RAM, no ADC



Shipping will be ~$3 (US only.)


MOQ is ~300pcs for the entire order and ~100pcs of each. I am interested in 100pcs of any of those.

If we order 2513 only, the MOQ is 200pcs.

If we order 2353 only, the MOQ is 250pcs.

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