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MSP430G2xx on breadboard - How to program using LaunchPad Rev. 1.5

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Goal - Modify the following procedure to use the LanchPad MSP-EXP430G2 Rev. 1.5 as a system programmer to program a MSP430G2xx processor installed on breadboard or circuit board.



Old Procedure - prior to Rev. 1.5


Pull three jumpers from J3 on LaunchPad: VCC, TEST, and RST

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Hi @@RussellPiBot,


There is a 43oh thread here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/303-launchpad-as-external-programmer/


There is some information here with a clear photograph of how I connect and link to another site with information: http://microcontrolbasics.blogspot.com/2015/07/stripped-down-stand-alone-m430g2553.html

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Hi Fmilburn - thank you for your help - the links you provided should allow me to sort this matter out.


I am using the LaunchPad development board as part of an Electronics Interfaces Course # EE40XL offered by UC Berkley.  I finished the course theory material in September; however, I have been unable to complete the demonstration robot after countless hours of work. All indications are the the problems are related to the Launchpad. The code for the LaunchPad project is furnished as part of the course and simply uploaded to to the LaunchPad using Energia.


My concern is I damaged the MSP430G22553 chip(s) using an outdated method to program a chip on a breadboard.


In an attempt to ensure the robot problems were not linked to breadboard connection issues I soldered the components to a proto-board - still no luck.

My bench is equipped with a BitScope Mini, a multimeter and variable power supply and I have used them to test the bot's op-amp circuits, power supply and connections - all circuits work under test conditions but, not as a system using the MSP4302553.


With that in mind, are you aware of any test protocols and software for the LaunchPad so I can troubleshoot the LaunchPad and the MSP4302553 processor separate from the bot?


Thanks again for your help - I am at wits end with getting this bot to work correctly!


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