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Unable to identify motor (Error -1135)

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Hey guys, I'm doing Lab 2b in the MotorWare package with the Launchpad F2807 and BoosterPack 8301 with a Hobbyking 12V, max 60A motor at the moment and the program keeps stopping at EST_State_Ls (already passed through 2 other stages) which I then get soon after: 

C28xx: Error: (Error -1135 @ 0x3F27A5) The debug probe reported an error. Confirm debug probe configuration and connections, reset the debug probe, and retry the operation. (Emulation package 
C28xx: Unable to determine target status after 20 attempts
C28xx: Failed to remove the debug state from the target before disconnecting.  There may still be breakpoint op-codes embedded in program memory.  It is recommended that you reset the emulator before you connect and reload your program before you continue debugging

At first, I thought the error was due to the power cable unable to deliver more than 5A rated current, but after changing it to a 10A cable, the problem still persists. The lab works fine with a lower power motor, though the motor got excessively hot and shaky during lab run.


Thanks for the help.

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