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music with assembly language

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I'm new to the msp430 and I want to make it play a song through a speaker when I push the button. However, I want to do this with assembly code and not in C. I am using IAR embedded workbench to do my programming. I'm connecting a speaker directly to the msp430 at p1.3 and ground. Are there any tutorials on how to do this? Or any assembly code I could look at that does something similar? I looked through the forum topics but could not find anything that matched with what I'm trying.



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A variation of the RTTL player that adds a simple envelope to each note.





Some in assembly & C:


MIDI driven:





This has a bug that causes only half of the sine wave to be used. Look carefully at the 'scope and you will see it.



Table driven:


This has a bug that causes the frequency to be a bit off. Don't remember if I fixed the posted code.





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Thanks, that all looks a bit advanced for where i'm at(i'm only a few weeks into this). If I can use tones to play happy birthday, then i'll be happy. Maybe something similar to opening a music box or a Christmas card and having it play a simple tone based melody.


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