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MSP430 Toolbox

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Hello fellow 430'ers,

I have been tinkering with this small project for a while, but think it's time to show it to the world. The MSP430 Toolbox has been inspired by various projects like the Bus Pirate, NJC's LaunchScope, and many others. The basic idea is to make a set of usable tools for MCU development, using the Launchpad and as few other components as possible. Also, rather than providing only the MCU side, I've created a small PC-program, which should make it easier to use the toolbox.
Currently, I have implemented two "tools": A raw digital capturer, and an SPI spy which uses the USI for single-channel capturing. As always, capture frequency is limited by the UART/USB speeds, making an FTDI UART/USB chip much more fun than the Launchpad's UART/USB converter. I have implemented a "high-frequency" mode, which captures to RAM instead. But currently, it's limited to 50 8-bit samples (side note: the Fraunchpad might be fun to play with in this regard).

Besides the two "tools", which are meant for capturing only, there is an interactive mode that can be used to send/receive via USI-SPI and simply control of the digital I/O on the Launchpad.

The PC application is written in C# and uses Gtk, which means that it should run on both Linux and Windows. However, only Linux has been tested. It has some rough edges, but works okay :smile:. Currently, Monodevelop is required to compile the application.

Well, on to some demonstration. First video shows the Launchpad connected to an ATMega, which has been loaded with a simply blinky program:

Next video shows avrdude being used to program an ATMega (with the program seen in the first video):

Source code for MSP430 firmware is available via git:

Please take a look at config.h in order to configure MCU speed and UART baudrate.

Source code for MSP430 PC client is available via git:
git://gitorious.org/msp430-toolbox/msp4 ... client.git

The patch required for AVRDUDE to work with the msp430 toolbox can be found here: http://xpg.dk/files/File/msp430/avrdude-msp430toolbox.patch.

Questions and comments are more than welcome,

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xpg, very good work. You should be able to also able to integrate cde's I2C explorer



 I'll do that shortly. Just need to find some fun IC to communicate with :).


and Joby Taffey's spi ninja(bus-pirate clone).

Oh, forgot to mention that this was also one of the projects that inspired me to begin with this in the first place. In the "interactive mode" SPI can also be used as master, so that functionality is actually already there (used to program the AVR).

Thanks for your comments,


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