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TI Chronos 915MHz Communicating with CC110L RF Boosterpack

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Good evening, 

I have been working with the ez430-915 Chronos watch from TI for a project and I need it to communicate with the CC110L RF Anaren Air Boosterpack attached to a Stellaris Launchpad Microcontroller. I have searched around for a solution but all the answers I found were a few years old and did not provide a clear solution.

I have also attempted to change the RF settings on the watch to match the AIR Boosterpack according to the user's manual. I am relatively inexperienced with RF modules and settings so I am not sure what exactly I need to change. I used SmartRF Studio to adjust the parameters for the Chronos and started it in packetTX mode to send packets with the launchpad boosterpack running the example energia code for the receiver. The settings are shown below.


Base Freq: 903MHz

Xtal Freq: 26MHz

Carrier Freq: 903MHz

Modulation: 2-FSK

Data Rate: 38kBaud

Channel Spacing: 96.008 kHz

RX filter BW: 812.5 kHz

TX Power: 10dBm

Channel Number: 0


which resulted in the register settings: These all match the settings in the user manual too.

0x29,  // IOCFG2           GDO2 Output Configuration
   0x2E,  // IOCFG1           GDO1 Output Configuration
   0x06,  // IOCFG0           GDO0 Output Configuration
   0xFF,  // FIFOTHR          RX FIFO and TX FIFO Thresholds
   0xD3,  // SYNC1            Sync Word, High Byte
   0x91,  // SYNC0            Sync Word, Low Byte
   0xFF,  // PKTLEN           Packet Length
   0x04,  // PKTCTRL1         Packet Automation Control
   0x45,  // PKTCTRL0         Packet Automation Control
   0x00,  // ADDR             Device Address
   0x00,  // CHANNR           Channel Number
   0x0C,  // FSCTRL1          Frequency Synthesizer Control
   0x00,  // FSCTRL0          Frequency Synthesizer Control
   0x21,  // FREQ2            Frequency Control Word, High Byte
   0x6B,  // FREQ1            Frequency Control Word, Middle Byte
   0x24,  // FREQ0            Frequency Control Word, Low Byte
   0x1A,  // MDMCFG4          Modem Configuration
   0x71,  // MDMCFG3          Modem Configuration
   0x03,  // MDMCFG2          Modem Configuration
   0x21,  // MDMCFG1          Modem Configuration
   0xE5,  // MDMCFG0          Modem Configuration
   0x71,  // DEVIATN          Modem Deviation Setting
   0x07,  // MCSM2            Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration
   0x30,  // MCSM1            Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration
   0x18,  // MCSM0            Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration
   0x1D,  // FOCCFG           Frequency Offset Compensation Configuration
   0x1C,  // BSCFG            Bit Synchronization Configuration
   0x47,  // AGCCTRL2         AGC Control
   0x40,  // AGCCTRL1         AGC Control
   0xB0,  // AGCCTRL0         AGC Control
   0x00,  // WOREVT1          High Byte Event0 Timeout
   0x00,  // WOREVT0          Low Byte Event0 Timeout
   0x00,  // WORCTRL          Wake On Radio Control
   0xB7,  // FREND1           Front End RX Configuration
   0x10,  // FREND0           Front End TX Configuration
   0xE9,  // FSCAL3           Frequency Synthesizer Calibration
   0x2A,  // FSCAL2           Frequency Synthesizer Calibration
   0x00,  // FSCAL1           Frequency Synthesizer Calibration
   0x1F,  // FSCAL0           Frequency Synthesizer Calibration
   0x59,  // FSTEST           Frequency Synthesizer Calibration Control
   0x7F,  // PTEST            Production Test
   0x3F,  // AGCTEST          AGC Test
   0x88,  // TEST2            Various Test Settings
   0x31,  // TEST1            Various Test Settings
   0x09,  // TEST0            Various Test Settings

I can't seem to get anything to receive on the stellaris with the boosterpack. Would someone be able to help me out? I've been tweaking the settings and testing but I've been stuck for a while now. Any help would be appreciated. I have also attached the code for the energia file I am using to receive data.


Thank you,




Edit: I think I may have this in the wrong thread. I'm sorry about that


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