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Energia and libraries for Arduino?

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Hi everyone,


I've read the endless discussions about Energia and libraries for Arduino. Case in point here is my problem. Very simple code using a library originally written for Arduino.


Energia will compile with no errors under MSP430G2 but the code doesn't work.


Then I changed to Stellaris lm4f120 (I have many boards laying around), compiles with no errors as well but it works as expected? I was expecting to hit one of those "easy answers" where the library is allegedly written for Arduino hence it wouldn't work for Energia and while I am sure these are credible cases it clearly isn't the case here.

I'm stumped. This isn't large program and of course this isn't a case of confused pin numbering. The SPI waveform on MSP430 just isn't right and on Stellaris it works just fine with no modification. Literally the only chage is the board selection in Energia and updating the pin labels


Any suggestions as to how I could troubleshoot this? (I have tried different MSP430, it isn't the launchpad).


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