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Can someone please walk me through a suitable MCU for AIC3254/AIC3253 audio codec?


From the codec's eval kit, a controller with 32kB mem with I2C/SPI is enough.


Is MSP430G2744 suitable? It has 1kB RAM, 32kB flash, 16MHz and 1 I2C, SPI each.


The codec would not be used for digital audio. Preferring to keep it simple.


One more thing. Since there isn't much of know-how on this from my end, I would prefer outsourcing the development. Generally speaking, what should I know before committing someone to take the task?


Like 1) Would I also require a separate compiler/development board for the MCU, which would then get later soldered to the codec PCB? Or I can straight way use USB connection on the codec PCB to a PC and then initialize the MCU from their for the first time. And then obviously, download the codec code from Purepath.


Please help before I start talking to a developer.



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