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MSP430FR698x interfacing with ADXL345 on I2C

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Hi ,


I am using MSP430FR6x8x Controller. (Launchpad of MSP430FR6989) and In my project I wanted to Interface ADXL345 Over I2C with MSP4306989 Launchpad.


I have tried the Reference codes available from TI and tried to change slave address of the ADXL345. But Still I have not got any success.


For Reference , I am using ADXL345 Breakout Board having 4.1k Pull up for I2C lines. And while connecting I am also taking care of Grounds.


Pin I ma using is P1.6 for SDA and Pin p1.7 for SCL


In ADXL345 the CS pin is tied with Vcc and also ALT pin is too connected with Vcc.


So As per data sheet I am Trying slave address of the device than write address of the device.


But so far I have not got any success.


Can Anyone help me out here please.


I have MSP430FR6989 Launchpad





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I2C addresses are 7 bits long, as a result there is no clear way to describe how addresses are passed to your driver or peripheral. In the ADXL345 datasheet on page 18 it is stated that the 7 bit address is 0x1B or the read address is 0x3A and the write address is 0x3B, the alternative addresses are 0x53, 0xA6 and 0xA7 respectively.

I am pretty sure the 7 bit address is the one to be used, so you should address device 0x1B. Then first try to read the DEVID register at register address 0x00 which should result in the value 0xE5. If you have this going you're almost done.

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