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Energia background processing

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I'm looking for help in understanding what background processing might be occurring in an 

Energia sketch.  I'm running on a FR5969 Launchpad, and I have a succession of 10 SPI transfers to access a peripheral.  (I wrote the SPI functionality in C--not using Energia for that.)  I am looking at a logic analyzer timing measurement of these transfers, and I expected to see the transfers execute un-interrupted.   However, I regularly see a 1ms gap in the tranfers, occuring at a seemingly random spot.  


I know Energia implements a timer function in the background, but 1ms seems like a long time to spend in such a background thread.   The only other Energia classes used are Serial, and a pin interrupt to handle a button press.


Any insight into what might be interrupting the main thread for a millisecond?


Thanks in advance

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Following up on my original question, it turns out this is not an Energia question, but is a bug in MSP430FR5969 silicon.   See here:




Also, I did a quick check of Energia SPI code for MSP430's having a eUSCI (where this issue exists), and the code is implemented in a way that the silicon bug is not an issue.

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Just checked the Energia DriverLib, and this may be an issue in eusci_a_spi.c 


I'm willing to follow up on this--is there a way to flag issues for MSP430 Energia?

File a bug report on https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues

github account is required


Otherwise, post the issue here, how to reproduce it, a work-around if you have one, and tag @@energia

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