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TM4C1294 reading in sin wave help

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I do not think this is possible, to get a smooth sinewave you will need a sampling rate far above 100 Ksps. You may use two inputs and skewed sampling to double the sampling rate to 1 Msps, see chapter 13.2 page 805 in the data sheet. IMO this is still not high enough to get a smooth sine wave representation.

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@@allbeengone It depends on what you define as "smooth" - 50 data points per period, 20 or how many? The Wikipedia page for Nyquist sampling theorem has some information you might find useful - when sampling a signal to be reproduced later you will need to sample at least twice as often as the (highest) frequency of the signal. Sampling and then plotting it (not reproducing it via a DAC and a low-pass filter) in a faithful way will require a higher sampling rate to achieve a "smooth" representation where "smooth" is whatever you decide it to be. Consider sampling a 100KHz sine at 200 Ksps - you may end end up with nothing at all if you happen to sample exactly when the signal crosses zero.

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