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Flashing a Tiva Launchpad under OSX

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I'm a Mac user, but worked with CCS under Windows to write Code for my Launchpad for the last months. I used to flash the .bin output of the CCS to my Launchpad with the LM Flash Programmer.


Now I've switched over to a virtual machine, running Linux with CCS to continue working on my Projects. Sadly, the LM Flash Programmer is a Windows only tool.

Are there alternative tools, that could do the job under OS X? A GUI would be nice but not absolutely necessary ;)

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I found the lm4flash tool inside the Energia app. Just to be sure to not destroy my board with wrong settings, all I have to do is call something like ./lm4flash /Users/Me/Documents/MyCCSWorkspace/Debug/myLastBuild.bin ? Or are there any specific options that have to be passed to the tool to match a special MCU or debug Interface?

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Last time I installed CCS beta for Mac OS X, the drivers were conflicting with those of Energia.


So, unless you have a spare Mac for beta testing, refrain from installing CCS and even CCS Cloud.

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I've started writing a small GUI for the LM4Flash tool with Xcode. I've no experience with Objective-C and the Cocoa Framework, so it is a lot of try and error work for me - but in the end it doesn't seem to be that difficult to write such a simple program. If I'm successful I'll share it with you ;)

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