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Hi everyone,


a lot of time since my last post on this forum

and noticed many things has changed, in better.


I want to spread (spam) my boosterpack project,

Aida DSP boosterpack :)


It's a boosterpack dedicated for audio and for now available only for TivaC.

With this boosterpack you can do 24bit/192kHz pristine audio elaboration,

since it has a DSP on it, so while this DSP is occupied with audio elaboration

you can do a lot of things with your mcu: read audio signal envelope, manage a user

interface and -why not?- a complete keyboard or a rich display, ecc.




Libraries are available both for Energia and Arduino, please note that I hacked

wire.cpp and wire.h a bit to get things done.

You can buy the board, on our store to start focus on your audio application.


Suggestions and collaborations welcomed!!!








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Nice to see love for the Launchpad eco-system. It would be nice if you could come up with a video of it being used with Energia on the Tiva-C


[Moved to Tiva-C sub-forum]

Definitely, we've made some audio projects as you can see from our Github page, and it's really time to start "listen" and see what these DSP are able to do. 

Hope to post a video very soon, we're working on it, probably the first will be a Tremolo effect for guitar inspired by a guitar pedal manufacturer, Strimon. Since it's audio, is not only a matter of doing a video, but also of recording it properly.

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