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Simple IoT project using Energia & IFTTT Maker Channel

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Hi all


Here's a quick project tutorial that I posted up on hackster.io --> https://www.hackster.io/adrianf/internet-button-ti-launchpad-ifttt-463300


It's a simple "internet-connected button" that triggers an event on IFTTT (If this, then that)'s Maker Channel. They offer a simple RESTful API that we can POST to using an internet-connected LaunchPad. In this tutorial, I used the MSP432 LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack, but any internet-connected LaunchPad would work just fine!


In this tutorial, I am simply triggering a push notification to my phone, however this tutorial can be used as a starting point for triggering any of the dozens of cloud-side actions that IFTTT supports (i.e. send SMS, send email, update facebook, etc)


Also, be sure to check out the other LaunchPad-based projects on hackster @ https://www.hackster.io/ti-launchpad




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