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Intel opens up the embedded MCU on the EDISON board

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Yes, the SDK and related software are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The documentation is great and I played with the examples successfully. The only caveat is the tick time limited to 10 ms, hardly enough for a true MCU. 


The Intel Edison offers 3 environments: Wiring/Arduino, native Yocto applications and dedicated MCU. I implemented and compared the same blinky example on those 3 environments. 


All 3 environments are already supported by embedXcode, embedded computing on Xcode.


This is a clear invitation to BeagleBone to make the 2 PRUs easier to use!

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It seems to me that an even bigger deal is the absence of autonomous timer interrupts. Perhaps this isn't much of a problem (or is even an intended feature) for RTOS-based applications (since an RTOS is mandatory in Intel's implementation), but an MCU without timer interrupts appears quite crippled to me. Do the PRUs on the Sitara have this limitation too?

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x64 is x86 with 64 bit extensions developed by AMD.


As far as desktop processors go anyway. The Itanium processors are a bit different. I do not pretend to know the architecture very well, but know that it is different from x86-64. Technically Itanium is IA64 I suppose, but it's a 64bit processor. Which I gather is not able to run x86 code.

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